Thursday, October 13, 2011

Swap Goodies!!

I was in a swap on my friend Grace's blog.  My box is going out to be mailed tomorrow. (Grace's post office closes at 730 - mine at 4 - what's up with that?) So since my swap was done I opened my box from Kathy B.


A handknit cloth, the only brand of instant coffee I drink, a haiku, a lolly, 4 skeins of the Calypso yarn, a hank of ultra alpaca with a matching button! And the pattern for the Great Adirondack Scarf.

Thank you soo much Kathy B! I love it!! And thank you Gracie for running the swap!


  1. love it all----I am so glad you enjoyed the goodies Great job Kathy off to look up that scarf!

  2. Ria

    Im soooo glad you liked it and Im having fun getting to know you through Grace!

  3. Oh wow! Can't wait to see what you make with your loot.

    I now have a badge for my blogfest, if you fancied putting it in your sidebar for me/ blogging about it. THANK YOU!


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