Sunday, February 24, 2013

I Need To Know All The Things!!!

Or at the very least most of them... ok, the things that penetrate my attention span into my brain, sorry Curt - bowling & computers just don't penetrate.
 I know I mentioned coursera a few times before. 

 The list above are classes I'm signed up for.  2 are ones I'm currently taking, 5 are scheduled for this year.  How sad is it that I'm already signed up for 3 classes next year, plus 6 unscheduled classes as well??  (Keep in mind, I have dropped 2 classes, so if these classes are boring, or un-interesting, or the work to learning ration is too steep - I may not finish them either)  Does anyone want to come play with me??  ( One of my "boss"es girlfriends is taking one of the Nutrition classes but we only really communicate when she asks him to ask me something)

 I'm currently taking 3 classes - that together don't take as much time or brainpower as the one astronomy class I finished.  This is the last week for my Astrobiology class - I think my avg there is 99.  I'm just over halfway in my Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.  I'm acing this class as well (feeling less like the dummy the Astronomy class made  me feel like) I'm also learning a ton of good info - about managing my diabetes, Curt's High Blood Pressure.  Tomorrow the topic posted will be about obesity - so even though I dropped my BMI from 42 to 32.6; I need to lose another 18 pounds just to make it to overweight. Sigh.  So again a week of high interest to me.  I'm also acing  Fundamentals of Human Nutrition.  Holy crap, this class is in such detail!!!  i feel like I'm in med school!  Just finished week 5 of 10, and my brain is full!  Seriously though I am also learning a ton - and the extra detail helps me understand more of the why's that the other nutrition class glosses over.  The only annoying thing is an ongoing "mind Map" assignment that I don't see how is helpful.  Plus it's unweildy!


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