Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ambivalent Easter

Happy Easter to those who celebrate.  I'm having a slightly ambivalent holiday.  The Angie couldn't come home for the weekend, so a holiday without her just doesn't have the sparkle.

I did mail her a care package Easter Basket the end of last week, and on Friday Curt and I drove down to Philly.  We had lunch ((great tacos at Pure Tacos- even though they don't understand no raw onions means no raw onions on top of my tacos.. grrrr) with Min and Rachel.  We then did some center city shopping (including getting some Beck's Cajun to go and putting it in a cooler to bring back for yesterday) then the Angie met us and we did some more shopping.  We then had a really delicious dinner at Spice 28 - although I think Curt's dinner was spicier than he anticipated. (the Angie took his abundant leftovers home - she likes spicy and she said college kids love free food best.  We had picked up some things she requested before we went down - apparently she can't find some brands/foods down there, and tp and apparently the quick dry nail polish spray isn't readily available ( I picked up some spring polish colors for her as well)  And the one thing she really really wanted was my baked spiral cut ham - so I made one on Thursday and brought her a large chunk of it, along with some extra glaze.   Then we went back to Min's place because she had some things for me... and you know I need to visit with my catphew.  Fe must've been happy to see us - he was purring really really loud!!


  1. I love the term Catphew!! Glad he didnt disappoint

  2. i thought you were going away for a few days on both ends of the holiday---did I miss a change in plans?


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