Friday, May 3, 2013

Didn't do traffic

My mom wanted me to meet her after work today, and since receiving was jammed, I didn't get out until after 2. By time I was done with her it was after 5 and Curt called saying he was leaving work late. Since there was going to be horrible traffic on the ride home at that time, he detoured around and met me at work so we could have dinner while traffic dissipated. (my mom said he spoiled me... And I really can't argue)

We went to Bahama Breeze. Had never been there before. We sat out on the deck.  They actually had Smithwicks! Sure an island themed restaurant carries my default Irish beer.  We split an appetizer of empanadas, I had mahi mahi tacos, he had jerk chicken and we split coconut bread pudding.

There was a guy on the deck playing steel drums, so I sent the Angie a 15 sec clip to make her nuts. ( she decided at 5 she wanted steel drums at her wedding and says she still does:

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