Friday, June 13, 2008

Ok, finally cooled off enough to mention this past weekend. It was SOOOOO hot I can't even describe it other than maybe try sitting in bleachers on the surface of the sun! If you look at the picture above my seats are all the way on top just not under the roof for the box seats, all the way to the left, about as close to turn one as you can get without being in an rv in the infield. Best thing about those seats this year?? Juan Pablo Montoya's car on fire parked at the end of pit lane. Took a really cool pic. Need to find my camera cable to get the pic in my computer. I think I may make it my wallpaper for a while. Tony got "caught" speeding on pit road near the end of the race. (quotes because to my non transponder eye, it seemed like other cars were going faster, but c'est la vie! The only luck Tony seems to have this year is bad) So he went a lap down and there wasn't enough race left to make it up. This was the first June race in recent memory when it was hot. Usually I'm freezing my ass off, wearing every piece of #20 orange clothing I own simultaneously. This time, when we had the red flag for "rain" (all 75 drops of it) the rain felt like ice, just before it sizzled off of my skin. Felt great. I didn't think I would ever say this, but I was starting to agree with the Pocono 400 theory. it had to be agonizing in those cars, especially since many drivers say the new car of today is way hotter than the old car. Maybe it's about time NASCAR realizes that 1) almost all "stock" cars you buy at the dealers come with air conditioners and 2) if they are so worried about safety one of these guys passing out in 150 degree cockpit temps will cause a very unsafe crash condition.

Pics as soon as I find that damn cable!

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