Sunday, May 27, 2012


A lot of you know or know of my friend Grace. (Her blog is in my side bar as Loving Comfort Knits)  Curt and I had the privilege of being invited to her daughter's wedding yesterday.  We had a wonderful time despite only knowing most of the people from HER blog posts.  The bride was gorgeous, the groom was clearly in love, the JoP was a funny old dude.  I kinda think it would be rude to post pictures of the bride- so you'll have to check on Grace's blog for that,

Here is a picture of me and Grace before the ceremony:


And here's a picture of Grace and Tom during the reception


Tom made these gorgeous butterflies as favors:


But there was some sort of mix up and the butterflies ended up at the wrong tables (that little tag had a couples name on it)  Grace got a bit upset about it and started trying to fix it.  But the music was loud, and her legs were bothering her - so I tried to help her.... and became the weird butterfly lady.  I took a stack to the table they should have been at, got all but one couple correct, took the butterflies from that table back to Grace to find out where they should be etc etc.

At one point I couldn't find Grace and checked the lady's room - someone yelled "there aren't any butterflies in here"  As the reception wound on, it got more difficult as people started tearing the tags off.  And as more people danced - there were a lot of empty tables.  Then people started  coming up to me to tell me they didn't have a butterfly!!!  So curtis started calling me the crazy butterfly thief...

Well, there is always one nut case at a wedding, and try as I may... it's usually me....

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  1. don't know what I would have done without my crazy butterfly lady helping me Thank you so much, and if you want to post any pictures you have of our bride please feel free

    I am so honored and happy that you and Curtis came and spent this very special time with us---see you soon!


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