Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Been reading

Read the next book in Maggie Sefton's Knitting mystery series Needled to Death.  Nice quick read, pegged the murderer earlier in this book.  Colorado is more dangerous than Seaside Bay, two people seem to get killed everytime a murderer strikes!  I really get annoyed at Kelly's negligence over the actions of her rottie Carl, dogs need/want obedience training!!! Untrained dogs - especially larger ones - give all dogs a bad rap and cause needless fear of dogs in children!!! Big pet peeve!!!  You can't "discuss with the dog" and expect it to do what you want!!!!  And I think it takes a fictional character to be as addicted to coffee as I am in real life.

Next I also read 2 books in the Spellbound Falls series by Janet Chapman.  Also quick and easy, with a touch of magic without serious evil pitted against it... and no murders!!  Maximillian Oceanus is a theurgist, who is technically thousands of years old but appears in his early thirties, his father Titus built Atlantis.  He goes to Maine to a camp run by Olivia to connect with the six year old son, Henry, he didn't know he had.  (I'm pretty sure since he can choose what time to be in - Henry was actually born in Feudal England) He falls for Olivia and literally moves mountains for her.  

The second book has Mac and Olivia taking Henry and Sophia (Olivia's daughter) on an RV trip to California so Sophia can donate bone marrow to her half brother, who came out in the first book.  This leaves us alone to watch Duncan and Peg try not to fall for each other, while Duncan (who's father was an 8th century Scottish Laird who had been transported to this one - not leaving all his antiquated beliefs behind) discovers that he is not the only member of his clan without magic, but must convince Peg to help him obtain it.  I really do like how Peg is able to handle her own battles, because really the whole helpless female, big strong male thing is annoying- I have no issues with big, strong males - but why do the women have to be so freakin useless sometimes??



  1. But Carl likes to chase the squirrels! And Kelly just needs to scold him once in awhile!!!! And if he gets a golf ball, he'll return it like a reasonable dog if she tells him to!

    1. But Carl is not a cat!! Dog's don't understand reasoning!!


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