Wednesday, August 10, 2016

And On That Bombshell

And On That Bombshell: Inside the Madness and Genius of Top GearAnd On That Bombshell: Inside the Madness and Genius of Top Gear by Richard Porter

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Great book by one of the producers who was at the new Top Gear for it's entire run, from the pilot that failed until the sudden and somewhat sad end. I'd be lying if I didn't confess that Top Gear (the UK version - the US version was crap) is one of my all time favorite shows, one I continue to re-watch on Netflix when I don't want to watch anything else. It talks of the rise of the show to a global phenomenon, why the BBC stopped using them in brainstorms (it's hard to pinpoint what makes chemistry work) the Stigs, the Reasonably priced cars, The VTs, the travel journeys that worked, how Bolivia tried to kill them, the fiasco in Argentina, a behind the scenes look at the presenters. I loved this book.

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