Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Tail

So, somebody  (who will remain nameless - but most of you can probably guess) wanted a mermaid tail snuggle sack.  I'm crocheting it, with Bernat Blanket yarn.  Very snuggly.  Very turn off the heat I'm hot kind of warm.  I did screw up and have to rip back, for some reason after decreasing to 48 and 40 I missed the FIVE rows of HDC and only did ONE row of HDC in the middle - it came out way to short for a supposed grown woman.  

I did change a few things in the pattern (shocking I know) I did the crochet cast on where you do the chain and the first row of HDC at the same time.  I saw it on the show "Knit and Crochet Today" awhile back, but they did chain and SC.  I also joined in the round and made it as a tube to avoid that seam later ( and telling myself the seam in the bum would be uncomfortable)  I'm 4 rows from seaming the bottom and then just have to make the fins, but I needed to take a picture for one of my Fraggles - so since I haven't finished anything recently I thought to post an update.  I am putting the pictures below the break line so if said person sees my post she won't look ( I don't think she looks at my blog - but just in case - we have a rule if she sees a gift before it's given she can't have it - so no point in taking chances!)


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