Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mars: Our Future on the Red Planet

Mars: Our Future on the Red PlanetMars: Our Future on the Red Planet by Leonard David

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Gorgeous photographs, amazing artists concepts pictures. The book is a companion piece to the National Geographic show that starts on Nov 14. It talks about the history of Mars exploration (yay Space Robots!!) What challenges need to be overcome to get boots on the ground. How the technology is just sooo close right now. Information as recent as Scott Kelly's year in space twin study. What challenges will arise to actually colonize the red planet. The challenges of terraforming it so the colonists could actually survive outside their habitation without space suits. The psychological issues of the big blue marble becoming a tiny insignificant dot. The physiological changes to long term low gravity living.

One of my favorite features is in between chapters it does a career highlight on someone involved in the drive to get a person on Mars, the last of which is Buzz Aldrin.

Great forward by Ron Howard ( a lot of times I skip the forward but read this one).

If the show is half as good as the book it will be amazing!

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