Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Succulent tower

My original concept of a vertical succulent garden had some issues after the first year, soil washed out is was hard to water, everything died.  SO now vertical succulents 2.0

 Started with yet another run to Derring's in Roxbury.
 Took two deck stair stringers, used 4 railing spindles and screwed in 4 window boxes. (Not worried about the pressure treated wood - it's enclosed soil under it - just flowers and pachysandra underneath) Put some gravel in for extra drainage.

Did about 4 or 5 arrangements before I found one I liked, then cactus soil and a good water.  All the plants I chose are hardy to -10F, the brick wall in theory should radiate heat (what there is in the winter) back at the box at night.  If it seems like it will be colder, maybe toss a moving blanket over it??  will probably put mulch over as the green dies back in the fall..

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