Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mystery Flowers

Last spring I bought these  two plants and put them in my flower box on the front steps.  I don't know if they didn't have an info tag or if I lost it. ( I usually keep them for future reference)  But I have no idea what they were.  I want more.  I've been to the 2 nurseries I buy most of  plants at and didn't see them.  I did get a late start last year, so maybe closer to MemorialDay.  They were awesome.  Flowered all summer.  Thrived through all the wet in July the  dry heat in August, the chill of September and October.

Does anyone know what they are??

any thoughts


PS- just heard the dumbest quote "Why does the burden of taxes have to fall on the people?"   So the squirrels have been holding out? 


  1. Portulaca's?????? they thrive under all of those conditions and have many different colors on one plant otherwise I am clueless

  2. Your pretty plants look like they may be moss roses. Just a guess.

  3. I'm clueless. I'd take this photo to a nursery. Maybe they would know ya think? LOL. They are beautiful that's for sure. The squirrels have been holding out to drive idiots nutty to come up with quotes like that LOL

  4. They look like Portulaca's to me. I love these plants. Very hardy and last till fall♥

  5. I love the plant. I have never had chicken's so I am not sure how easy it would be to take care of them. The things I heard on Saturday was the most of the money will go to either building or buying your coup, and getting the wire. This cost depends on if you want to go simple or fancy. Then you just fed them and the chickens do the rest. You can put their waste in your compost bin and one man said a good layer can lay upto 22 eggs per month he also said they eat alot of bugs. I am thinking about taking the chicken keeping 101 class just to find out.


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