Monday, May 19, 2008

As you can see I spent a lot of time this past weekend (when not watching the burnout competion, the Sprint Open and the Allstar Race of course) shopping for plants and potting them (in the rain I might add) I was a little bit worried at work this morning as the temps here in NJ are only around 55. The pots look dry, so either the wind has dried the soil, or the rain did not get the pots as watered as I had hoped. I guess after dinner I'll be watering. I am hoping/planning to take pics wth some regularity and posting them here. In addition to the pots shown, I have an urn with basil in it, and 2 urns with geraniums and sweet potato vines. I also picked up some hosta and pachysandra plants for by my steps, I'm not sure how they will fair as the ground is pretty rocky and crappy there. I still have 4 window type boxes I haven't filled yet, and a grape tomato I need to get a hanging pot for. I still haven't decided if I'm going to pick up some eggplant as last year I waited too long to pick them and they were seedy and tough.

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