Thursday, May 29, 2008

Testing was great!

Testing yesterday was great, but really, really, really cold and windy. The weather forecast called for 63 degrees. It was about 8 degrees colder at the Speedway and VERY windy. I was not dressed appropriately and froze for 8 solid hours. It was definitely very cool, listening on the scanner to the drivers and crews talking back and forth. Tony was funny. Apparently he sent his spotter a 4am wakeup call, and his spotter threatened his rental car. The paint scheme on his car was a lot prettier (don't know if he'd appreciate the word pretty) in person than the picture advertising the diecast. I so have to get the diecast! I also have developed a whole new appreciation for the race photographers in Nascar Scene and Nascar Ilustrated. Half 0f my pictures are of a blank racetrack!

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