Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Ok, I have finally decided to enter cyberspace for real and start a blog. I plan on updates on my daughters busy life, probably a bit of venting about that as well. Also updates on my knitting and crochet projects. As the title of my blog suggests, I am attention span challenged so whatever my mind is rambling about at the time will show up here at some time or another.

Quick update on what's going on right now: My daughter's track and field team are currently undefeated. Today is the conference championships, which I am NOT allowed to attend as she claims I will make her nervous. She throws discus and javelin, and is a backup shot thrower. She 's definitely on the lower end of average in shot, so they have to be desperate to put her in there. Her discus relay squad came in first place at the county frosh/sophs a few weeks ago.
She takes dance lessons (used to compete but cut back to participate in varsity sports) and will probably miss her recital if her team makes states which seems very likely right now.

Tonight is the Multicultural dinner at her school so I have to meet her there at 7pm with a tray of Japanese curry chicken. At least it's an easy dish to make for a lot of people.

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