Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hanging Gardens

So here is take 2 on this post.  I tried posting this with my phone and screwed it up somehow. 

This spring has felt like it has rained 3 out of 4 days.  For 3 different weeks it has rained everyday!  I work outside for 3/4 of my day, so trust me - it rained.  there was more than one day  when I did my rendition of the Swamp thing leaving puddles of water behind me as I walked into the building - I looked like I jumped in the pond!  And swam around long enough to really soak up some water - even with a raincoat on.

The rain and the accompanying cool weather has pretty much repressed a lot of the growth on my plants.  I have a bush tomato that actually fought through and has a bunch of tomatoes - but there hasn't been enough sun/heat to start ripening them.  But you want pictures right??


The two outside hanging pots have hot pepper plants in them - three in the near one - 2 in the far one.  The middle basket has an upside down tomato with basil from seed on top.  The planter on the rail has hers (they do well in the wet).  On the ground the closest pot is a rhubarb, then 2 tomatoes then in the long pot is a tomato and 2 kinds of cucumbers.


Here we have the bush tomato, three different eggplants, three sweet peppers in the long pot and a lemon tomato up close.


Here we have a sweet n neat tomato (supposedly it only grows a foot tall- I never grew this , or heard of it before) flanked by 2 hot peppers.


chocolate mint and 2 hot peppers


Two more upside down tomatoes with basil from seed up top and oregano in the foreground.


This tomato hangs above the bush tomato, but didn't make it into the picture - as you can see it is starting to bud.

This week coming up is supposed to hit the 90's by Wednesday.  There is no rain in the forecast.  So, while I will have to water more - I'm hoping for some good plant growth.

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