Friday, June 22, 2012

Tomato ... To-mah-to?

So after a week of HOT (as in 100+ degree heat indexes)  weather, I figure I'll do an update on the balcony garden.

Some EVIL critter - my best guess is a squirrel - dug one of my baskets and ended up cutting roots of my solar flare tomato!!  It was potted with soil left over from last year - and I wonder if said critter hid an acorn or something in the soil and went looking for it??  I did find a few acorns in the bag - since we live under an oak tree I thought they had fallen in..So fingers crossed.. but it does look pretty wilted.

Solar flare 6.22

My bush tomato has about a dozen tomatoes- none are showing any signs of wanting to ripen however.

bush 6.22

Celebrity is a late fruiter - so just growing a bit - not much else to report on'

celebrity 6.22

Lemon boy - also a late fruiter is just hangin' out

lemon boy 6.22

I bought the Sweet n Neat - because it claimed a profusion of bite sized tomatoes on a plant that maxed out at one foot tall.  They must be right because it is currently 8" tall and has a bunch of blooms

Sweet n Neat 6.22

More tomorrow.

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  1. Loved your garden ... the plants look green and fresh :-)


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