Thursday, January 15, 2015

I do realize I haven't blogged in about a year and a half. For the last few months, I've been toying with the thought of resurrecting the blog - after all there are some things it's impossible to say via Twitter's 140 character format.  I realize that I need some sort of structure to keep the blog from falling into the meme of the day.  Don't expect a food blog, or a knit/crochet blog or any kind of specific blog - there's a reason I named it Short Attention Span Theatre. I was thinking of having the days broken up into different categories, and if I had a thought that fell into say - Wednesday's category, I could write the post and schedule it for Wednesday.  So if someone only wanted to see the yarny things - they could check the blog on yarny day.

I've put in requests for some blogging books from my library (and yes there will be a book review day - so you'll know which ones helped me)   I'm looking for a widget that will list - say the last 5 posts- with a particular label.  Then it will be easy to see my last 5 knit/crochet projects or my last 5 recipes  or book reviews etc. I want to learn about pages - and maybe use those for this purpose.  I'm also trying to figure out if I can actually archive the past 1063 posts and their labels to start fresh - or if I have to go through them all and change/delete the labels (if I do that the memes will probably all disappear)

I started blogging for me, and for friends and family to keep up with pictures, finished craft projects etc.  It turned into something else - and when it did, it took the blogging motivation away - thus the slow, cold death from lack of posting.   I want to bring the fun of blogging back.  I know my friends will read it and I'm pretty sure I know which ones will check out the yarny projects, which ones will try the recipes.  If other people read it - that's cool, it is on the interwebz, if no one else looks at it, that's ok too.   I'm in a different place in my head than I was when I started the blog - and the new version will reflect that.  The Angie has graduated college, has a job, lives 2 hours away - so there won't be as many pictures of her and her activities.  I've been getting back into Astronomy/Astrophysics so that will pop up. I've been getting into learning new things - just because - so I'm a regular on Coursera and Ted Talks  - that will show up as well.

Here's the post schedule I'm considering - yes I have a thing for alliteration:

  • Monday Musings:
  •      New things I'm learning/thinking about
  •      Coursera/Ted 
  •      Astronomy
  • Tuesday Training:
  •      Running
  •      Workouts
  •      Health
  • Wednesday Words:
  •      Books
  •      Articles
  •      Considering a language to learn
  • Thursday Twists:
  •      Crafty Updates
  •      Knitting /Crochet Projects 
  •      Ravelry
  • Friday Foodies:
  •      Recipes
  •      Restaurants
  •      Beers
  •      Veggie Gardens

I haven't come up with an idea for the weekend - that's probably where the pictures of family/ really random thoughts/ rants about work will show up.  Thought about a sports recap (sports and Saturday and Sunday all start with "S") but I end up with seasons I obsess over overlapping and then weeks of nothingness - and realistically you can look up the scores.  I'll figure it out eventually.

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