Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday ????

Ok, I really haven't figured Tuesday out yet.  Torn between Training and Tips.  Tips could after all include training tips, but it would be less of my actual training/health stuff.  I suppose I could call some Tuesdays Training and some Tuesdays Tips - but what to call the ones that are both?  This is a work in progress people.


Water is what I'm thinking about currently.  I know I do better if I drink over 100oz of water a day. (125 is my goal)  My bloodwork verifies that.  The trouble is A:  I really hate water.  Hate it. (Unless it's been heated and filtered through roasted and ground coffee beans, or run through a mash, fermented, aged ... then I love the stuff )  B:  If I don't drink steadily throughout the day - I end up trying to drink 60+ oz the last 2 hours before bed, and end up waking up all night running to the bathroom.  So 2 problems requires 2 solutions.

I really hate water.  Water isn't as bad if it is ice cold.  SO I've taken to freezing bottles of water and drinking them as they thaw.  It's winter though and they don't thaw all that fast - so I was drinking about 48-60 oz that way.  I started adding things to my water. Lemon and lime wedges are the easy addition, cucumber slices with mint leaves are pretty good (tried some of a friends - but still have to remember to buy mint - will be easier once my mint starts growing in the spring) basil and lime also a really good combo.  Then I noticed that EVERY single lime slice sank immediately and the lemon slices floated.  This bothered me... a lot.. I tried a room temp bottle, refrigerator cold bottle and a partially frozen bottle.  All the limes sank!   So I had to Google it and came up with Steve Spangler Science's website and explanation here. 

Drinking steadily thoughout the day requires reminders.  So since I am never very far from my phone (yes it is another appendage) I looked at apps.  My daughter uses an app where every time you drink it waters a plant and if you drink enough the plant thrives, if you don't the plant dies.  I didn't want that kind of pressure.  I looked at WaterLogged and Water Yourself.  I ended up using water yourself, and it has been helpful - although most of the people around me really hate the alarm tone I chose.  

Between these two things - my current annual daily average is 109.5% of my goal amount - so it is working!

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