Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday Twists

I've finished 2 knitting projects this week.  The first is a pair of fingerless mitts - that have a built in hidden pocket on the left hand.  It would be great for a bus pass if you take public transport, or a drivers license and credit card - I took my picture with my Starbucks card.. because really that's most likely for me!  The mitts were a mystery knit a long on Ravelry - it was done a bit different than most that I've done.  After you post a picture of your yarn - you got the first clue, then after you post each progressive clue the next day you get the next one.  If you didn't reach a certain point by Jan 15th - the designer assumed you weren't on pace to finish and dropped you from the clue list.   That would have totally pissed me off. Especially since in my life,  the month isn't always a smooth flow of days and there are weeks I can get a lot done - and other weeks not so much.  As much as I love these mitts - I don't think I'm doing any more of her knit a longs.  (for reference - most of the MKALs I've done the clues were released on a certain schedule - whether or not you were caught up)