Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Just Read "Think Like A Freak"

This book is a quick, easy read that still delivers a lot of thought provoking information on how to retrain your brain.  I'll be honest - I've heard about Freakonomics, but never read it, I've never really seen Economics as being more thana snooze class, and it seems like economists are wrong ... a lot.  Everyone, in any field can, I believe gain some insight from reading this book on how to think.

- Putting aside your moral compass.  Get rid of preconceived notions, sometimes what your emotions think are the right answers aren't going to solve anything.

- I don't know.  If you can't admit what you don't know, you can't learn anything new- and you won't learn all the information to make a decision.

- Think like a child - ask "Why"  a lot.  Learn to figure out what the REAL question is, what the true underlying issue is (if you still have your moral compass on this may be harder than it seems)  don't be so sophisticated that you overlook the obvious.

- Get your garden to "weed itself" eliminate the people, processes and information that is unnecessary and only serves to bog you down.

- What incentives really work to persuade people.  The incentives people publicly acknowledge, are probably not their true incenticves.

_ Knowing when to Quit - this one is personally a challenge for me, I will bang into a brick wall trying to bring it down rather than stop and look for a door farther down to go through.

The authors use a lot of humorous stories to make their points, hot dog eating, King Solomon, David Lee Roth, to name a few, but their points are important ones, and gave me a lot to think about. 

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