Monday, November 9, 2015

Did you ever forget where you saw something?

That's what happened with my nutter butter acorns!  I saw them somewhere - thought they were cool, then I needed to make a treat.  I also seem to remember there being peanut butter filled kisses as some point in history - or were those my imagination?  So I used dark chocolate kisses, I also think regular peanut butter is stickier than the fresh ground I eat, but still worked.  I bought a cup sized container of snack size nutter butters.  At first I left them whole - but that would have needed a bigger kiss( they have the big hazelnut kisses - but didn't want to mix nuts)  so then I started taking them apart - picture of those follow - fortunately the guys at work were willing to get rid of the evidence.  I used mini peanut butter and mini chocolate chips for the stems.


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