Wednesday, November 4, 2015

God, I Love Nick Saban

Great insight into the man.  From his childhood in a coal mining town, going to college to try to escape the area, mediocre football performance, being at Kent State during the infamous massacre, marrying his high school sweetheart who is undeniably a force in his life, going to grad school and working with the football team so his wife could finish her degree.  Goes on to his various travels in the football coaching circles, what inspired him to take positions and what made him decide to leave, his friendship with Belichick, leaving Miami.

One thing that was kind of funny to me is Saban is all about the process, one play at a time.  He can be more upset with a win if he doesn't consider played well than a well played loss.  His one play at a time mentality works well in come from behind situations.  The funny thing is that  is how I watch football. People don't understand why I'm pissed sometimes when we win (ok right now with my team I'd be happy if they had a collective pulse).  So this admitted process knitter is apparently a process football fan as well.  

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