Thursday, July 29, 2010

Drawing in the Sand


I don't know what happened to my original post.  I was on question 13 and some how deleted it from existence.  This is take 2 which is never as good as take 1. 

Welcome to the July 29th edition of Thursday Thunks!
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Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!
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The TT questions are brought to you by Bud, the color of Janera Jepson's eyes and the number 3.

1. We know how creative Berleen is with her terrific tee-shirts and such, so how about you? Do you draw anything or perhaps your name in the sand when you go to the beach? I knit and crochet.  When I am at the beach I am in the water not on the sand.

2. Kimber doesn’t always leave her house. I wonder if she knows what is out her back door. What is out your back door? I don't really have a backdoor.  A sliding door onto the balcony/ container garden/ refuge from reality.

3. Do you prefer the beach, a pool or a lake? Why? Depends.  I love the ocean more than the beach.. I love being in the water. The rougher the water the more I love it. Like challenging Poseidon and surviving.  Curt says Angie and I start devolving back to the sea.  When I was young and I spent summers at my grandparent's shore house and I used to love to walk the beach during storms.
I live near a lake.  I love the serenity of the lake in the early morning, when I'm awake but most of the world sleeps.  I love the way the lightening hits the lake during summer storms. I would love to live in a house right on a lake.
I used to spend a lot of time in pools. Water volleyball and polo - although if you are on the other team I may have hurt you.  Now the best thing about a pool to me is the swim up bar!

4. What is something recently that happened to you that you are REALLY excited about? Can't/won't say on the internet.

5. I am fortunate that I come from a very close family. Are any of your great-grandparents still alive? If not did you ever meet them?I was raised by my great grandfather for most of my childhood.  He was an amazing man. I still miss his sharp wit and dry sarcastic humour. The best thing he taught me? live your life your way. Every action has a consequence.  Some good some bad, some depends on how you view it.  Think about the consequence and if you are willing to pay up without complaining go for it. (yeah, dangerous lesson to someone like me!)
6. When was the last time you spoke in front of a large group? Tell us about it. At the last All Store meeting.  Too many people were confused and thus screwing up the pack down/ out of stock sticker process.  I was supposed to "re-train" them.  Fail.

7. Have you ever bungee jumped? Would you ever bungee jump? Seriously?  Is hell No an acceptable answer?  If something goes wrong you just get pounded into the ground over and over and over again.  At least when you sky dive ( I have almost 100 jumps)  if somethingwere to go wrong you only hit the ground once.  And I am more scared of being really f'd up and in pain than death.

8. How strong emotionally do you think you are?Unfortunately pretty strong.  It is so tempting to attempt to be one of those "damsels in distress" and fall apart sometimes.  but I just can't do it.  I have survived a lot.  I don't discuss most of it.  I guess it's true if it doesn't kill you ( even if it almost kills you) it will make you stronger.

9. Kimber and Berleen still have NEVER met, yet they are best friends. What is the first thing you notice about people when you meet them? Their eyes, followed closely by their hands, and if it a cute guy - his ass.

10. Who do you mess with the most? The Angie.

11. Who was the last person you talked to on a landline? The Angie's dentist's office called about half an hour ago to change her appointment by 30 minutes so they could work a family in.

12. I finally saw Avatar this week. What was the last movie you watched long after it came out and loved? Madagascar  ( love the Penguins. "the penguins are insane")

13. What did you dream about last night? I don't usually remember dreams from nighttime.  When i do they are very surreal.  I am more likely to remember dreams from naps.

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  1. Wow. Sky diving. Who knew? I'm impressed and yet scared... ;)


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