Sunday, July 25, 2010


hey Gracie!!! More knitting/crochet content!! LOL!

Some of you may know that I make afghans with a bunch of my NASCAR knitting friends for Victory Junction Camp, a free camp for kids with medical issues that would otherwise prohibit them from going to summer camp, in North Carolina.  At the camp each campers bed is covered by a handmade  quilt and an afghan.  At the end of the session the camper gets to take the afghan home, so they are always in need of afghans.  WE turn it into a friendly competition, scoring points either by square or by afghan.  You get more points for your driver if you send in a completed afghan, so for Tony ( you were surprised I'm on Team Tony??) I am willing to suck it up and seam up the squares.

This year, during the off season we had the option of getting "starter squares" from orphan squares from last year.  This way the orphan squares have the opportunity to get  into an afghan.  I received my squares in I think February.  But have not even thought about the afghan since.  I think I was a bit burned out on afghans after the rush to finish last year.  These are the squares I received.


The square in the middle is the difficult one, it is a much brighter and shinier turquiose than is shown in the picture.  

So this past week I knit these three "almost squares"  My row gauge was off and I didn't realize until I had knit the border on top, so I made 2 more so they can be the top or bottom row and line up.


And during today's race, I made up a granny square.


This is a much brighter pink than what is showing up in the picture.  Since I have no bright turquiose yarn, my plan is a few squares that are bright to balance it out.

This quiz is almost good - the second section is pretty inaccurate, I made a note about it. 

You Are Expressive

During your downtime, you like to develop ideas and work on creative projects.

You secretly wish that you could be a more successful person. Being rich is a dream of yours.Seriously - not really true. I can pay my bills, buy my yarn, go to the races - I'm good.

You are realistic about the world. You may have challenges that come your way, but you can overcome them.

You are inspired by your own thoughts and observations. You don't need much outside influence in order to feel inspired.



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