Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yarn Crawl Part 2

continued from yesterday

After lunch we went to Loop in South St.  if I am visiting Angie at Temple and want/need yarn they would be my Philly Yarn Store (PYS as opposed to my LYS- local yarn store!)  It is the second time I've been there and as opposed to the other stores on the crawl rather than looking for something I liked, Curt had to decide which ones I like better.  They have a really good selection over a wide range of fibers, weights and especially colors.  They have a really friendly and normal ( after my crawl that is now a factor) staff.  I bought a big 500ml bottle of Euclan to wash my knits with, the cutest yarn stitch markers in a case from hiya-hiya ( I used to be in an msn knitting group with Quianer Huang whose family owns the company)



The blue and the pink skeins are hand dyed Black Bunny yarns - she's the author of among other things Knitting Socks With Hand Painted Yarns.  It took me awhile to sort through the 4 bins and Curt figure out which 2 I liked best.  Angie took one look at the multi colored ones and declared I should make something for her with it. I asked her what - she said I don't know something knitted. (and to think she got into Temple's honors college)

We then went to Nangellini's farther down South Street.  This store was 1/2 art gallery, 1/2 yarn shop, 1/2 new age shop ( I know that adds up to more than 1 but some of the stuff overlapped categories)  none was done well.  They seemed almost desperate to get us to go upstairs - "most of the yarn is upstairs' "most of our books are upstairs" "if you like that most of the items like that are upstairs".  When you go up the stairs you have about a foot and a half to turn left or you'll fall down another set of stairs!  They had some Mirasol, but not much selection.  A weird sales assistance sign:

Weird service sign

because the way it's typed up it reads "we are here to help you"  "figure it out" and it really wasn't obvious they were there to help so I guess people had problems figuring it out?  When we came down the stairs there were  bunch of women sitting in a circle - not knitting, you'd expect that- that were talking and when we came down were just staring at the walls. Odd. Maybe we interupted their coven or something! So I didn't buy anything there either.

Lastly we headed to Sophie's.  I really didn't have much hope for that place because apparently the best thing about the store was the cat!  We got there and the door were locked.  Looking in the window, the place was 3/4 empty and what was there was on sale.  So I guess the cat wasn't enough to keep them in business. After the fact we thought it would have been hysterical  if we had done a yarnie rendition of the Eaton Center shopper who wanted to get into shop when the mall was locked down due to rioting during the G20 summit.

After that we headed for the sushi place where we a couple of people at all you can eat sushi.

Friday, Curt and I had breakfast at Marathon Grill which was a couple blocks from the hotel.  I had a super yummy wild mushroom, spinach and goat cheese omelet.  We then checked out and went to Franklin Mills Outlet mall, mostly to be inside not outside in the heat and humidity.   We did pick up a few things.  had lunch at the food court, then went back to Temple to get the Angie.  Which of course required a stop at the book store to get some Temple attire.  We picked up Min again, were stood up by Kirsten and her husband, and went to Minar Palace for Indian food.  I had eaten Indian a few weeks ago at the graduation party of one of Angie's Indian friends and it was really good, Angie wanted Indian to see how restaurant food was different than her friends mom's food.  The food was great - none of us could finish it.  We were going to listen to the truck race on the way home, but it was delayed because of a power outage due to a pole down on the highway - so I fell asleep!


  1. Little known fact: My mom's husband is a retired architectural engineer, and he helped design the Franklin Mills Mall. :)

  2. I laughed so hard at your description of that yarn shop. You "interrupted their coven" FOFL! Sounds like a bizarre place indeed!


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