Friday, July 9, 2010


So yesterday my attempt at embedding the song "summertime" didn't work. So It's summertime came across as to a statement regarding the seasons instead of the summer song "Summer time" so here is another attempt.

This is curiously accurate!

You Are Content

Some people may consider you to be too hyper, but you can't help it. You love life.

You are a naturally curious person. You are truly interested in how the world works.

You have very sweet and tender feelings about your friends. You truly miss your friends when you can't spend time with them.

Novelty and variety recharge you. You are a true adventurer at heart.


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  1. You ROCK girl. I love this and Kid Rock is the bomb!!! I did this for my Musical Monday last summer. WOOT!!! DA BOMB!!!! Have a great weekend :)


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