Saturday, September 17, 2011

I got this from my upstream swap partner KathyB

A: Age 44 3/4
B. Bedsize: king
C: chore that you hate: doing dishes - fortunately as long as I cook, Curt doesn't mind.
D: Dogs: wish I had one.  Australian Shephard, or Irish Wolfhound or Black Labradoodle.
E: Essential to start your day: I drink (if it were all DD) about 14 or 15 XL coffees a day, beginning at 245am.
F: Favorite color: Red, black, red, black red yes red
G:Gold or Silver. I'm a silver kind of girl - then again I don't like diamonds either..
H: height: 5'6 1/2"
I: instruments you play: Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away - ok just a long time ago I played piano, violin and glockenspiel
J: Job title : Inventory/recovery team mgr
K: Kids: the Angie
L: Live: Live hard, play harder and hope to die in your sleep
M: Mom's Name: Toyoko
N: nicknames: Ria, RiRi, Kiko, Flip
O: Overnight hospital stays: I need to be sedated at night in a hospital or I have the most psychotic panic attacks
P: Pet Peeves: Gum smackers, morons, bad drivers, lazy people
Q: Quote from a Movie: "this word________, I do not think it means what you think it means"
R: Right or left handed: Right - my left hand is there so my shirts fit and I don't walk in large unbalanced circles
S: Siblings:2
T: Take-Out food: sushi
U: Underwear: usually
V: Veggies you hate: I don't think I have one depending on how it's cooked - most often it is onions,
W: What makes you run late:  Curt - he can't grasp that i will get up and finish getting ready in time to be walking down the stairs when I say I'm leaving.  he takes me heading for the stairs as time to get his shoes, his jacket, his glasses whatever.
x: Xrays: Sigh more often than one would want
Y: Yummy food: yes
Z: Zoo Animals:cheetahs


  1. your left hand also holds the second knitting needle duh!!!!

  2. Ha !!! Loved the a to z ....
    I dont know that movie quote!!! HELP HELP WHAT IS IT?

  3. RiA I swear I laughed my butt off with this! and your pet peeves are mine in same order, this was awesome!


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