Saturday, September 3, 2011

I used my sewing machine!

I was going to post this yesterday, but after going to dinner with Curt, I was so tired I fell asleep somewhere after the drop of the green flag of the truck race.  It seemed like everyone had taco's yesterday! (Ok Thom taco salad - but still) Even the Angie found a new taco truck on campus and said they made incredible carne asada tacos.  So i told Curt I'd treat him to dinner - and we went to Applebees. Yes, I know not the big name in tex-mex , but I wanted a waiter - which La Salsa doesn't have, and Chili's is far, and the new Mex place in the borough I just don't like.  We had the Ultimate Trio appetizer - mozzarella sticks, queso blanco dip and asian pork wonton taco's (they come in chicken Min!) Then I had steak/shrimp fajitas and Curt had steak/chicken.

But on to sewing.  I got a sewing machine before I got married.  I sewed a few straight lines,  but not many.  Then I got a swap partner who lives in Tallahassee,  FL.  And I got said partner in the middle of July, so thinking of something to hand make for my partner was giving me a blank.  I was going through my craft stuff, and I saw a kit I bought at some point in life for a reversible small tote bag.  And I thought everyone can use another project bag right?  So I put my sewing machine on the table. Wound a  bobbin without too much trouble and went for it.  

So here is side one which I am calling spring/summer

and this side I am calling fall/winter

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