Monday, September 12, 2011

WE are all Nerds... deep down

So some of you who read this, have read about NERDWARS.  It's a fiber arts (knitting, crochet, spinning, dyeing) I'm going to say challenge rather than competition.  It is a competition, it is mostly teams (those who don't want to be on a team for whatever reasons or those who don't play well with others are Ninjas,but it is more about challenging yourself.

 The various Nerddoms are pretty varied.  There are the ones you would expect - StarWars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, vampires, there's also comic books/graphic novels, there is serial books , there are the grammar nutcases (yeah totally will never be one of them) Every tournament there have been new teams forming, existing teams merging etc. I started tournament 1 on Team Bazinga- fans of the Big Bang Theory - and since it's a show about nerds it made tying any projects into the show pretty simple.  Then in tournament 2, I was lured into the world of Board games with Team Meeples.  

I didn't feel like I did all that well in T2, so I was going to be a Ninja for T3 - but then a new team came together, of Jim Henson fans!!  I am a Muppet!! ask my husband!  So now I am the team manager of Team Fraggle!

  And it turns out I didn't do as badly in T2 as I thought.  I only got halfway through my dissertation (a longterm project you can tie into one of the 6 challenge categories however you choose) but as I hit halfway I did get 50 points.  The monthly challenges fall into 6 categories: Giving Geeks (a charitable challenge) Team spirit ( not always about your team) Scientific (there have been some doozies here) Technical ( usually has you stretching your skills or trying something new) Nerd Culture and Intellectual.  Why I call it a challenge is that you can do one or all of the challenges, you can decide to do or not to do a dissertation.  While I only did a few challenges each month - I did complete at least one of each Category!!

REally it isn't as complicated as it sounds.. If you are on Ravelry come check it out!  Sign ups start Sept 15- Sept 27. (If you miss sign ups you can still compete as a ninja)

Hope to see you there! 

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