Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Actually Read Two Books!!

Haven't read any books this year yet.  Then my library sends me an e-mail that 3 of my requested (no recollection of requesting) books were ready for pickup.  One thing about Debbie Macomber and Nora Roberts - is I totally get sucked into their books, and end up shunning all other activities until I've finished.  So in 2 days, I've read 2 of the books!!!  Both were series books.  The Perfect Hope by Roberts was part Three in the Inn at Boonsboro trilogy (and 3 brothers, 3 best friends .,. you guess)  And the story line with the ghost worked out nicely!

The second Book was another of the Blossom street series - So yarn was in it!  AN overworked laid off lawyer and a grouchy Doctor,.... enough said.

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  1. Iread book one of the NR series, and am almost finished the DM one I have a Maggie Sefton in my Kindle up next


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