Thursday, April 11, 2013

Swap Goodies!!

First, and apology to Christine, my Swap partner from Grace's St Patrick's Day Swap.  Grace (her blog link is on my sidebar as loving comfort Knits) does a fun swap every St Patrick's Day.  The theme is obvious.  But what you do is you have to roll up the goodies inside a ball of yarn.  I am not so coordinated so my "balls"  look like weird rugby balls.  And for the second year in a row - yeah I'm lazy sometimes and I hate winding balls by hand.. . that's why god made winders right??  - so for the second year in a row - I  had lunch with Grace and SHE unrolled the ball for me... I iz spoiled!!

Anyway - here is the cool stuff Christine sent me.  ( I ate the chocolate one day before the gym - you can ask Grace - that's my new m.o. if I really want something with too much carbs or sugar - I eat it right before the gym... I'm pretty sure this is a weird form of bulimia or something - but as long as my blood glucose numbers are good, I'm sticking to it) I'm going to use the yarn and some of the shamrocks to make my "hopefully" soon to be born nephew a St Patty's Sweater Vest for next year.  (He will be getting many of these - I've never seen my brother in law without one - except for the wedding day when he wore a regular vest with his morning suit)

st patrick swap

She also sent a cool ribbon ball ornament, a wrapped vase and shamrock, tissues and a rubber ducky!!  Love it all!  Thank you Christine!!!

I was also in another caffeine addicts swap.  My swap partner MADE ME A MUG!!!  Seriously!!  She made me a mug!!  My brain is so blown away by this!!

caffeine addicts swap

Also a very rich French Roast coffee roasted near her in St Louis, a Kermit pez dispenser - can not have too many pez dispensers,  and a bunch of owlie stuff.  I seem to be falling into the collection of owls!!  Totally blame the Angie!!


  1. Great swap gifts. So glad you were spoiled as you spoiled me!
    :LOVE the vase and the mug.....but that yarn rocks!


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