Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Forget the chocolate and flowerz

I'm not a bouquet of flowers kind of girl. I mean the florets are already dead,  they just haven't turned black...yet.  Chocolate is good. I like really really dark chocolate. The kind most people think is too bitter. But with my sugar issues,  I can have chocolate, but it's a pain in the ass to balance out the day.  There is one way, fool proof actually to show me love.  Coffee, dark roast, rich, deep ... If it's brewed don't even think about cream or sugar... I like my coffee black. If it's good coffee you don't need to cover the flavor.

Daniel is my #2 guy at work. ( Carl is #1 - and I doubt anyone could bump him from his spot in my heart)  he recently ordered some DEATH WISH COFFEE.  Google it. The most highly caffeinated beans out there. And in a dark roast (caffeine is heat sensitive, so darker roasts actually have less caffeine) the beans are so potent, that even with the dark roasting process, there is still way more caffeine. Daniel brought me a whole tupperware container full! 

If that doesn't say love, I  don't know what does.

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