Friday, July 10, 2015

Blame it on Pinterest

Yes, with all the non-knitting time on my hands/elbows, I have explored another time suck... Pinterest.  I think I accidentally started 2 accounts.  Not sure.  Seems my computer thinks I have a different account than my phone does.  I use my phone. Discovered that following a person is deadly, should rather follow one of their boards or you get screenfuls of weirdness.  Pretty sure my boards don't make sense - and I should probably break them up to more boards to ever having a shot at finding anything.

I've learned a few things.  There are several things I want to make now (yes a longer want to make list EXACTLY what I need in my life...NOT).  I've been looking at houseplans - not sure why, not planning on building a house any time soon.  But one day I may remember to buy a lottery ticket and then after buying my motor coach and hiring C to drive it to the sporting events I want to go to, I may have the urge to have a house.  Next to a lake. With a dock.  I decided that his and hers walk in closets are a must.  Also a separate shower stall from tub (not sure I even want a tub) and definitely a separate toilet, with a swing door - can't deal with a doorknob before washing hands.  A room with a ton of built-ins to barricade Curt in.  A room with a ton of windows with built-ins below for a craft room. A walk in pantry with a freezer. And a porch deep enough to hang out on as well as a outdoor kitchen on the deck. 

But I digress.  I have followed some of my friend Min's boards.  She recently posted a recipe for  Fettucine with Lemon Ricotta and Zucchini.  Who doesn't need more zucchini recipes?  The only thing is I think my handful of parsley was too big.  And I would use more lemon.  But super yummy to go next to leftover Italian sausage meatballs.


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