Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I've created a Monster

Those of you that know me in real life, may know I can be a little bit neurotic about some things. (OK - when it comes to Braun's a lot neurotic) One of my "things" is my bras have to match my shirt. (usually my socks do as well as my underwear - except when I'm wearing what Curt calls my Underoos - yes I have 4 pairs of Wonder Woman panties, Iron Man, Thor, Olaf, Cookie Monster, Animal, several with Oscar the Grouch.....yeah a lot) So when the underwire in my green bra poked through and I had to get rid of it I needed another green bra. All I could find were lime green almost yellow bras. That wouldn't work. I was in search of an emerald or grass or just plain old crayola green!  No luck. 

Then I clicked on a Zulilly ad (guess they do work huh?) and ended up buying 12 bras -  2 black, 2 beige,  gray, brown, 2 red, blue, yellow, orange, pink.  Even with shipping it came to $60!! Would you know that the very next day I finally found my green bra in Target?? Yeah it wasn't there before.

So I told Curt about my purchase and how Zulilly works.  Stuff is on sale for really huge (bras were like 65% off) discounts but for only a few days.  SO if you want it, they kind of make you act right away - it's not just selling out you have to worry about - it's the sale going away altogether, and there isn't any "regular price" merchandise on the site.  There's men's stuff, women's kids, stuff for your house etc.  

So Curt looks at the site.  He looks on his laptop.  He then just orders two pairs of shoes!!!!!  By setting up his own account!!!!!!!  I could have gotten $20 for recommending him if he told me he was going to buy something!!!!!!!!!  WTF?!?!?!?!?!

So he gets his shoes at the end of last week.  Yesterday, there is another package,  he bought a watch.  His answer? they sent an email and the watch was a steal.....

yup, I have created an online shopping monster....


  1. i have purchased a few things from Zulilly, they only give credits when you return things but they remind you when your credit is ready to expire. I have bought little ones things and some home items including a monster mug!

  2. What kind of person doesn't check to make sure there isn't a referral bonus first????


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