Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My favorite astronomer.

Yes, I have a list.  Mike Brown is on the top of the list. (I will admit, I spent quite a few years despising him)  I took his Coursera class, and in the class, he did convince me that Pluto shouldn't be classified as a planet - never should have.   That alone impressed Curt.  For a science guy, he is very articulate - and I really wish more science teachers/professors had his speaking skills.  I finally got around to reading his book, How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming.

Even if you don't have an opinion on Pluto, it's a great read. Superimposed on the planetary quest Dr Brown was on , his personal life, meeting his wife, marrying her and having his daughter (total doting dad - a large percentage of his tweets are about his daughter - yes I  am a stalker) the excitment of discovery, the treachery of a Spanish astronomer, the politics behind the International Astronomical community.

For those of you wanting to see what I mean - here is a 2011 talk he gave:


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