Thursday, July 9, 2015

No knitting/crochet to show - but I have a question?

When I craft, I have several (ok - right now 8 active) projects going at once.  I kind of bounce from one to another, sometimes focusing on one or alternating a few rows of several.  Startitis is always an issue, sometimes I use the promise of starting a new project as impetus to finish an older one.

I also read this way, usually have 4 or 5 books going at once.  Sometimes I hit the "sweet spot" in a book and then read it straight to the end, stopping for nothing but bathroom breaks.  A few of my friends find this bizarre.  I think this is no more bizarre than following 4 or 5 tv shows at once, you pick up where you left off and then when the episode is over you move on to the next one.  Back during the heyday of soap operas, a lot of my friends' moms and grans followed all of the soaps on one channel , one after another.  Some were more adventurous and switched channels to a different soap.  We would never have eaten if they had DVRs.

So reading, one book at a time or bouncing through several??

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