Thursday, February 18, 2016

Boot Cuffs

I've been on a boot binge.  Yup, binge.  I went from one pair of tall boots to 5, and bought a bunch of new short boots.  I really like all the boot cuffs I've been seeing on Ravelry, and when I saw them in the store I liked them - but I have thick calves so the ones in the store really don't work well. So I dug around my acrylic yarn bag and found some thicker yarn so they would work up quickly and knit one pair and crocheted another.  I actually have 2 more in progress as well. 

 You can actually see an awesome "hack" I picked up from my daughter.  Pool noodles at the dollar store can be cut and you can get 1 1/2 to 2 pairs from one noodle depending on the height.  The things they sell to put in your boots to keep them upright start at $8 a pair -- and that's TJMaxx's price!! so I did all my boots for $4 instead of $40!!


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