Monday, February 29, 2016

Joana Vasconcelos

OMG!  Google her!  Right now!  She's a Portuguese artist and her installations are absolutely stunning! As you know,  I end up using my Google-fu a lot for Nerdopolis and Nerdwars, especially at the end of the month when I'm helping fellow Fraggles work their projects into challenges.  Yarnardent made a doily and this artist was mentioned in the  description so I Googled her.  WOW!  Since it was a doily I found these pictures:

But then I saw all these pictures of giant shoes!  I am so in love!
And my inner Starwars geek squee'd at this:

I want to use this as inspiration for a much smaller project somehow:

She works with wrought iron to!  How cool is this teapot???


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