Friday, February 12, 2016

Jeff Dunham

Curt had gotten us tickets, back in November, for Jeff Dunham's show at the Prudential Center in Newark.  It was a bit weird having people and not ice down on the floor, and I discovered that while the steep seats mean great views, during sporting events you are jumping up and there are 2 breaks for the zamboni in between periods, you don't notice how little leg room there is.  When just sitting there for 2 hours my knees were killing me by the time we left.

We stopped at Taste Venue across the street for some food beforehand (the Angie and I discovered it last year during a snowstorm that shut a lot of Newark down, but did not stop hockey) some empanadas, catfish fingers, and spinach artichoke wontonish dumpling things and a Guinness were absolutely yummy, although trying to get the check to get out was aggravating.

Jeff was hysterical!  And as a new dad of twins at 53 he has a lot of new material to work with, not to mention everything he gets from the Presidential debates.  He said he was working on some new material for an ABC special in the fall, so he was trying out some jokes, but we could get those jokes for "free".  I will tell you this - while some of this stuff had me just about crying, I'm pretty sure it will never air on network TV.

At one point during the show, he dropped Peanut.  The puppet just sort of flew off his hand.  Jeff picks him up, and Peanut's mouth is hanging open.  We hear Peanut say "my mouth is stuck" and we understand, but Jeff "doesn't".  Peanut repeats himself a bunch of times each time also calling Jeff and Asshole.  Finally Jeff figures it out and tries to fix Peanut's mouth, but Peanut now is saying his fingers smell like poop (remember newborn baby jokes earlier) Another funny that Peanut had was after Jeff talks about getting on the plane in LA at 80 degrees he gets off the plane and it is 2 degrees here, Jeff tells Peanut that NJ is having a mild winter overall - Peanut tells Jeff that a NJ mild winter is like being Kind of pregnant.
Walter, Bubba J and Achmed were all in rare form as well. (I bought Curt a Walter "shut the hell up"  shirt, and got an Achmed "silence I kill you" shirt for myself.

We were hungry after, and since it was late and they were doing road  construction, but we made it to the Tic Tock diner in Clifton in time that I was able to get corned beef hash and eggs before it was midnight and technically Friday ( I don't eat meat on Friday's in lent)

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