Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Stars of Fortune

Whenever Nora Roberts starts a new trilogy, I always say I'm going to wait until all three are out and read them at once.  Every time, every single time, I end up reading book 1 and then having to wait... I hate waiting.   Is this her best book ? No.  Is this kind of her formula? Yes.  Did I really enjoy reading it? Yes.  Am I waiting impatiently for book 2?  Yes. 

My predictions??  Book 2 has Sawyer and Annika hook up (if indeed Annika can hook up with a human). Book 3 as Riley and Doyle, something of finding the 3 stars and returning them will break Doyle's curse.  

potential spoilers so I'm adding a break here.


I guessed Riley's secret almost immediately when Roberts described her for us pool side, Annika I was even more sure of - especially after the bag of coins and not understanding money.  We are introduced to Sasha as a seer - and her vision of Bran with lightning coming off his hands told me he was some kind of sorcerer.  Didn't guess Sawyer's secret - maybe if I were more into steampunk I may have? probably not though, especially since I thought Doyle was some sort of time traveling warrior when his weapon was a sword.

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