Sunday, March 6, 2016

Big Brew Beer Fest

Went to the Big Brew Beer Fest at the Morristown Armory yesterday.  Actually took public transport!!  (the Angie would be proud) Took a train and then a shuttle bus!!

Forgot all about the pretzel necklace thing - but fortunately there was a table with Food Bloggers that was giving away pretzel necklaces if you liked them on Twitter or Facebook.

I got my picture taken with the Horny Goat!
There was a guy there with a Revolution Brewing t-shirt like mine so yes, I gave a high-five!  We chatted with Chris, the ciccerone from Hot Rods, bought some meat sticks and Jerky to send to the Angie from Mr & Mrs Jerky (also walked around with their stickers on!  The chocolate covered bacon guy wasn't there (sadness) but there was a lady selling
bacon jam (win!) Had a great Guiness cake treat from A Cake and  A Jar - they build on 2 mini cupcakes in a jar. Very Cute. Shared a pork mac n cheese from Morris Tap and Grill with Curt- so yummy!

Discovered some really interesting cherry ciders one was way too sweet, but it's been forever since I've had soda so it might have been me.  There was a competition BBQ booth, and I decided to split an order of bacon wrapped meatballs with Curt.  There was a choice of regular and spicy.  Now, in my defense usually "spicy" really isn't.  Also in my defense, Curt didn't say no, get regular. 
I thought they were really good, actually had a nice kick, good flavours underneath, bacon not overcooked. I ate mine in 3 bites.  Curt popped the whole thing in his mouth  Curt's head just about exploded!  (and there is no milk at a beer fest, I don't think milk stout would work - alcohol usually just spreads the burn) I gave him my two pack of raspberry fig bars- it was a close to bread as I could figure.  I bought some fried cheese curds, but apparently temperature hot is not good when your head is on fire.  He even used his inhaler. It was scary, but now that it's over it's funny. 

I've decided that this guy had the funniest shirt at the fest.

 I also bought a cool license plate plaque, I'll post another day- don't know where Curt has it.

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