Sunday, March 13, 2016

Three things Day 7

Store meeting this morning.  At 6am. Daylight savings time Sunday - so 5am. ugh.  Bit of a backstory for thing #1.  Our store is stoopid.  They have a stoopid theme they want people to dress up in costume for the store meetings.  But they never seem to be organized enough to announce it earlier than tue or wed right before a Sunday meeting.  Seriously not enough time.   So the theme for this meeting was the new Empire.  The pictures they posted in the locker room and breakroom were Roman.  BUT they didn't actually say Roman.  So since my favorite empire is the one invented by George Lucas...

1.  I wore my Darth Vader onsie to the store meeting... yes it was totally awesome!

2.  Since I had 2 1/2 hours between the meeting and having to work, Curt drove down and went to breakfast with me... yes awesome husband points.

3.  Had accumulated overtime so I got to go home early.  Fell asleep so didn't get to see my pick win the race.

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