Sunday, May 22, 2016

Angie says they aren't legit

Curt and I went to the Hunan Palace in Denville on Friday night.  We got "soup dumplings" as an appetizer.  There is a place in Philly where soup dumplings are filled with just soup.  These had a little "meatball" inside with the soup, so the Angie says they aren't legit.  Oh well, they were pretty good.  I actually ordered a cocktail - ginger martini - really yummy, although Curt thinks you aren't supposed to eat the ginger slice - but I will eat straight up ginger.

I had Hunan lamb, supposedly spicy, the pieces of pepper had some zing, but overall another not spicy disappointment,  If they didn't list it as spicy I would have said it was good!

Curt had some kind of pepper chicken (peppercorn not green) He enjoyed it.



  1. When are they going to learn to stop labelling things as spicy???

  2. There should be some sot of standard... isn't this the kind of thing the FDA should be dealing with?


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