Monday, May 16, 2016

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So I very rarely comment on a post someone else had made someplace else.  But I recently read this post by Franklin Habit (knitters probably know who he is, the rest of you just know he writes about knitting and other fibery things) 

I really very, very, very rarely make the same thing twice.  Even when I make afghans - the blocks are usually all different.  The second sock or mitt is a serious hurdle to get over in a project.  Case in point - I started a pair of socks with cuffs designed to fold over a boot top.  Kind of like sock and boot cuff combined.  Let's ignore the fact that most of my socks end at the ankles and these feel like they have miles of leg.  I cast on in January.  Finished my first sock in about 2 weeks.  It is now mid-may - I have only about an inch of the cuff done (I'm hoping to finish by boot wearing weather next fall)  Another example is my beekeeper's quilt.  I've been working on it for literally years.  Sometimes I'll get a spurt and do 6 hexis in a month, but that usually leads to 2 or 3 "dry" months.  

I know knitters/crocheters exist that crank out a ton of the same patterns (some do it for charity projects - I'm just not that charitable. I can do 5 premie hats, just not 5 of the same premie hats) That seems like crafting hell to me.  People, even people I care about will ask me to make something for them- a copy of something I already made - many times I just take off the item in question and give them that one - that's why I can always make more fingerless mitts, I end up giving mine away!

What I am trying to decide now - if this ties into the process vs. project knitter.  I'm pretty sure I've told you previously, I'm definitely a process knitter.  In the mind of a project knitter, once they finish the project does their brain reset so they can do it again? Does the fact that, unlike me, they can crank out the second one faster than the first mean that since the finished objects come faster when they are familiar with the pattern it becomes satisfying??  It's liek trying to figure out an alien mind..... 

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