Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!!

I celebrated yesterday.  Originally I took the day off (with a lot of arguing) so we could meet up with the Angie.  Then the Angie cancelled.  I then got Curt to agree to go to with me to pick up some tomato, pepper, eggplant and basil plants.  It's about an hour away, a nice drive (even in the rain) and I've never not had a successful plant from them.

Friday night, I was on the computer when Curt got home.  He asked if I started dinner, the answer was no - I was going to do burgers and salad.  He said he didn't feel like burgers.  I told him to look around the kitchen to see what he wanted.  he wanted me to look with him, I knew what we had!!  Then he decides he wants to go out to eat. OK.  Then he wants a hug???  WTF???  so I get up to give him a hug.  Well the entire time the Angie was hiding to surprise me!  SHe had taken the train up after working half a day and had spent the afternoon with her grandfather.. I screamed. Literally, like a girl.  Seriously, this is how people get shot... anyway, they tell me they have a surprise the next morning before we go to get the plants (they knew once I decide I'm getting plants, I'm getting plants) I thought it would be breakfast, but no, they are going to get breakfast after. OK. So I have a snack when I get up.  Curt promises it isn't slimy (yes hanging out with pretty much just boys most of my formative years has given me this fear of something slimy when I'm getting a surprise. (you should see what happens when they want me to close my eyes!)  The Angie says it might be a little slimy.

Turns out she was right, Curt lied, but it was OK.. Curt got the Angie and I hour long massages at a spa. with hot rocks. Phillipe was great (considering what he had to work with, relaxing is not really in my wheelhouse) I think I was an inch taller when I left there.  (at one point he tells me to relax my neck, I say it is, he says if it was your head would be touching the table.  I try and fail. He says how a bout a deep breath, then another, took about 8 or so. poor guy)

We went to get my plants, then while Curt went bowling, the Angie and I had what used to be our Dad is bowling girl's fun.  Yes, risotto and salmon were involved...

Thanks to the Angie for coming up with the surprise and Curt for making it all happen.  I love you both soooo much!!

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  1. Did you tell Curt it would have been a happiER Mother's Day if he hadn't almost gotten you seriously kicked in the teeth on your fantasy picks???


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