Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Geek Soul Brother

So, I've realized that my blogroll on the sidebar is in desperate need of updating, other than the Yarn Harlot and Scott Young, the blogs listed on there rarely if ever post.  I haven't really dealt with it  because I've been following more people on Twitter than on blogs recently.  If anyone has any suggestions on blogs I should check out let me know (I'm not saying someone who posts every day, but a couple times a month at least)   In the meantime, I'm adding Twitter Tuesday, where I'll let you know who I follow on Twitter and maybe you'll like some of them as well.  

First up, Geek Soul Brother.  He has a podcast, reviews movies and tv shows, he's into SciFi, Horror, Fantasy, comics.  He does a live tweet watch a long on Saturday nights.  He's not just about new stuff, a lot of it is older from when I was... younger we'll say.  I also know him in person, and even though he likes Star Trek more than Star Wars he's a really awesome guy. 

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  1. I tweeted about a month ago explaining my new concept for my blog (documenting my health issues and navigating through doctor visits/hospitals/insurance companies/etc), and I asked if anyone was interested. I was kind of excited about starting to blog again, but since absolutely zero people replied, I decided not to.


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