Friday, July 15, 2016

Oink and Moo

I've heard of their food trucks, never happened to be at a food truck event where I was (not that I've been to a huge number of events) Just one of those back of the brain want to try list foods.  Then....

Curt (being food helpful - probably to make up for lack of fUSB progress) sent me a link to their website, Oink and Moo had a storefront location!!!  It is the next town over from where I work!!  If I were a bird it would have been much easier - it is in a really residential neighborhood - took 15 minutes and 9 turns after the main road to get there:

But I found it!!  And got dinner to go, 2 orders of Trifecta Tacos (basically one of each on the menu - although you can customize, I figure let's see what they are about first) they were out of both sweet potatoes :( So I got the mac n cheese, baked beans, greens and cornbread.  (for the record I shared with Curt - wasn't all for me - and he deserved some)

Pulled Pork, with pineapple bbq sauce and cilantro lime slaw - would have been too sweet if not for the slaw - perfectly balances and adds nice crunch.  Chipotle Chicken - had pickled poblano and cilantro lime sour cream - if you know me, you know I'm not a huge chicken fan and most of my chicken gets hidden or buried beneath stuff - but I would eat this again - highest praise bird will ever get from me.  My absolute favorite of the 3 tacos however was the skirt steak - before you think "she'll always pick the beef" I'm probably pickier about what I consider good beef over pork and chicken. Steak was done perfectly, had the same cilantro lime slaw as the pork but a chimichurri over top that added a nice, but not too spicy level of heat.

The mac n cheese was really good, liked the crunchy bits on top, could have used a bit more of a sharp cheese in the sauce seeing as it's a bbq side, the cornbread was sweet (I know some regions like that, I'll be quiet) The greens, a mix of collard a kale, were done really well, soft enough for Curt's happiness, not disintegrating like some places, seasoned well.  My surprise favorite though was the baked beans, there was a great balance between the sweet in the sauce and a slow heat as well.  They are probably my favorite baked beans I've had in recent memory.

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  1. Wait - then what is Curt going to do to be food helpful to me? The fUSB is supposed to benefit me, too!!!!


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