Friday, September 23, 2016

Quinoa Salad

Picture of my quinoa salad (that  I pretty much have almost every day for lunch - I call it crack)

First make a batch of quinoa and let cool (I put some rosemary and thyme in the water to flavour the quinoa a bit0  Then in a mixing bowl I put some vinaigrette (today had sundried tomato vinaigrette) toss in some steam fresh canned corn, shredded carrots, radishes and celery (quick whirr in the food processor) diced cucumbers, fresh parsley. toss then add quinoa and toss.  Keeps in a tupperware in the fridge just fine for a week.  So yummy. Pretty healthy too.

ETA:  I totally forgot the diced yellow and red pepper - they are sitting very undiced, very not in my salad, on the counter right now :(  will add tonight and take a new picture and post tomorrow. 

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