Friday, September 2, 2016

Went to Chili's

I have to say, it's been literally years since I went to Chili's.  The 9 years I was working in Totowa, I'd rather go to Jose Tejas, and the location in Parsippany was turned into a Buffalo Wild Wings.  Even though in East Hanover I work maybe a half mile down Route 10 from one, I always escape out the back way so I get on 10 about 2 miles further down, most of the time Curt and I go to dinner we start at home, so I'm not going all the way back towards work - not for a chain restaurant anyway. But Curt left work late, traffic heavy on a holiday Friday, so he met me at work and we went over.  The menu has changed!  A lot!  They still do have the Southwest eggrolls - so we split them, beer list sucked so went with Sam Adams Octoberfest, Curt had a burger, I had the Chipotle Chicken fresh Mex bowl. (picture of bowl glomed from interwebz)

Not bad for a surprise dinner out, but I really won't go back on purpose.

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